Colour Therapy Set Pure Wool


colour therapy set pure wool

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Colour therapy set pure wool is handmade with pure wool felt from Nepal. The handmade felt fibre gives this set more of an “Earthy” energy. All natural fibres are said to be good conductors of energy, e.g.: silk, cotton, linen and wool. This is a nine colour set: red (base chakra), orange (sacral chakra), yellow (solar plexus chakra), green (heart chakra), teal (thymus chakra), pale blue (throat chakra), dark blue (third eye chakra), purple ( crown chakra) and magenta (higher crown chakra). Use this set on it’s own, laying each or all of the colours on your clients. Or use each colour visually, as a focus in meditation. Or you can combine this new set with your pure chakra silk squares and scarves. This is a new product and I think they are good fun and a useful, precise small set. Each round is approximately 9cm accross (3 and a half inches). The felt fabric is a sturdy 4-5mm, approximately, in thickness. They can be washed, if needed, in cold water. Wash each one separately and dry flat, not stacked on top of each other.


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