Colour Therapy Chakra Square Set

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colour therapy silk square set


Colour therapy chakra square set is made up of fourteen chakra colours. Each of the colours is printed onto pure silk.

This is the perfect colour therapy set for the serious therapist.

This is the set for you if you are working with colour therapy, chakra balancing, reiki, crystal healing, massage, hot stone therapy or other holistic therapy and beauty treatments.

Included are the seven main chakra colours. In addition, you will find colours used in more advanced and specific treatments.

In total, there are fourteen silk squares: red, orange, yellow, green, thymus chakra green/turquoise, light blue, indigo blue, purple, magenta, pale pink, pure white, silver colour, pale gold colour and rich copper gold colour.

Each square measures approximately 36×36 cm/14 inches across.

Red for the base or root chakra, orange for the sacral chakra, yellow for the solar plexus chakra, green for the heart chakra, turquoise/green for the thymus chakra, pale blue for the throat chakra, indigo blue for the third eye chakra, violet purple for the crown chakra.

The other colours are used for the higher chakras or for other specific uses in holistic and color therapy treatments.

This “colour therapy chakra square set” is made with a light weight pongee silk.

Each square of your “colour therapy silk square set” is printed and can be hand washed. Use a gentle washing product, hang them out to dry naturally. Iron if required on a gentle silk setting. Wash each colour separately.

Previously I hand painted these squares. However, I find that the vibrancy of the colours and quality of the silk is better with these printed silk squares. I’ve changed the orange to a richer, true mandarin orange colour and also the red is a deeper, stronger colour.

I’m very happy with the result and these are rapidly becoming one of my best selling chakra sets.

I hope you enjoy working with your “colour therapy silk square set”.

Supplied neatly packaged.

Care for your chakra silks


5 reviews for Colour Therapy Chakra Square Set

  1. Dilys Ross

    Fabulous silks and so pleased with the colours. Plus order arrived quickly with silks well packaged!
    Can’t wait to start using them!

  2. Barbara (verified owner)

    Beautiful Silks- just what I wanted. Arrived promptly and safely with added instructions on the back of the packet re- delivery notice. Thrilled!

    • Sophie Tudor

      Thank you for your lovely feedback Barbara, Sophie x

  3. Paula Adams (verified owner)

    Beautiful silks, thank you!x

  4. Annika Peterson (verified owner)

    This is a truly special collection of chakra silks. The package includes the seven main chakra colors plus four bonus ones–also corresponding to the chakras. I have experienced great results using the colors, especially magenta (Crown chakra–violet, white, and magenta). These silks have a high spiritual energy. They are also “true-to-color” as not all fabrics I searched for on other sites actually matched the colors of the chakras very well. These silks are perfect and I heartily recommend them!

  5. Jayson (verified owner)

    Got my silks in yesterday….and…i LOVE them. They’re the perfect size for my lamp (with appropriate bulb, of course) and serve their purpose extremely well. They’re lovely and came packed just as lovely. Needless to say i’ve bookmarked this site for future purchases. Thank you so very much.

    • Sophie Tudor

      Thank you Jayson x

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