Chakra squares 12 Set


chakra squares 12 set


Chakra squares 12 set is based on the 14 colour set, but without the silver/grey colour and the dark gold/copper colour.

I want to give you lots of options, so that you can decide which set works for you and your treatments.

This is a new product. I’ve adjusted some of the colours very slightly and I love the result.

Your set includes:

Red : for the Base Chakra

Orange : for the Sacral Chakra

Yellow : for the Solar Plexus Chakra

Green : for the Heart Chakra

Pale blue : for the Throat chakra

Turquoise/teal : for the Thymus Chakra

Indigo blue : for the Third Eye Chakra

Purple : for the Crown Chakra

Fuchsia Pink : which can be used on the higher chakras

Pink : for the Heart Chakra (can also be used with Rose Quartz)

and Natural White and a pale Gold/Beige colour, which can both be used on higher chakras.

Each square in your ” chakra squares 12 set”, measures approximately 35x35cm and is made with pure, lightweight silk.

Of all fabrics, silk is said to be the best conductor of energy and therefore the best for your “energy” work.

Care for your chakra silks