Chakra Silks Small Set


Chakra silks small set. Set of seven chiffon silk chakra squares each colour corresponds with each of the seven main chakras 10 pack

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Chakra silks small set consists of seven small pure chiffon silk squares.

This is a wholesale pack of 10 sets. Therefore, for re-sale or for use in groups.

Each square is approximately 11/12cm/4.5″.

You will find that each of the seven colours corresponds with each of the seven main chakras. So, lay on or under the your client, or yourself. Work with one at a time or select several and work with those specific chakras. As a result, you can use these small silk squares in many holistic healing therapies and beauty treatments. Another way, is to use them visually in mediation or for display in your treatment room. Clients use the “chakra silks small set” in many different ways.

Chakra silk squares mini trade pack.

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