Chakra Silk Scarf Flowers


Chakra silk scarf flowers


Chakra silk scarf flowers is fun and a little bit different from my other chakra scarves.

Each “chakra silk scarf flowers” is made with lightweight, slightly shiny, pure silk.

Each flower colour corresponds with one of the main seven chakras.

I designed and painted the original art work, then the scarves are printed for me, offering you a work of art at a much reduced price. I’m really pleased with the finished product, the quality and vibrant colours.

The size of each chakra scarf is approximately 36x143cm or 14×56 inches.

These are great fun to wear and get noticed. I guarantee that people will ask you about the colours.

They make great, unusual and luxurious gifts and are easy to put in the post if you need to send it on to a friend.

My chakra silks are sent all over the world.

They can be used as display in your treatment room as a visual. Similarly, they can be used in chakra, colour therapy and many other holistic therapies and beauty treatments.

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