Chakra Scarf Big Hearts


chakra silk colour therapy scarf big hearts hand painted with the seven chakra colours

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Chakra scarf big hearts.

While this is the largest and most difficult to paint scarf to paint, I love making them.

Measuring approximately 110x110cm/43 inches square, the impact of the vibrant chakra colours is stunning.

Because each ” chakra scarf big hearts” is painted onto pure, lightweight, slightly shiny silk, your chakra silk scarf has a super soft feel.

Each of the seven chakra colours corresponds with one of the seven main chakras.

Each silk is unique and will differ slightly from the one in the photo.

Use in chakra, colour therapy, hot stone and other holistic and beauty treatments. Display it in your room, meditate with the colours, lay over your client or simply wear and enjoy!

Great gift idea.

The scarf in the photo is hanging in my workshop as a source of inspiration.

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