Chakra Necklace Tumble Crystals


chakra necklace tumble stone crystals

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Chakra necklace tumble crystals, is as popular as ever.

Each of the seven blocks of semi-precious tumble stones and crystals corresponds with each of the even main chakras. These crystals are tied onto a fine, but strong nylon thread.

My clients love the simple, natural and dainty feel of this “chakra necklace tumble crystals”.

No silver or other metal is used. Therefore, they are great for clients with allergies to metals or silver.

There are two sizes available for you. Either 16 inches/40cm or 18 inches/45cm.

A petrified (fossilised) wood bead is used to fasten your chakra necklace. Interestingly, petrified wood also corresponds with the base chakra.

Chakra Necklace Large Crystals

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