Chakra Necklace Carved Stones

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chakra necklace carved stones is made with different shaped carved crystals on thread

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*Now only available in 18″. For 16″ options, please see the necklace page.*

Chakra necklace carved stones is made with different shaped carved, natural semi-precious stones and crystals.

I make all of the jewellery myself, so you can be sure that each item has been ethically produced!

I carefully set each crystal onto flexible silver wire, then I tie each crystal onto strong, black nylon thread. The stones used are: a heart shaped amethyst, a diamond or triangular shaped lapis lazuli, a round bead shaped turquoise, an oval shaped green aventurine, a triangular shaped citrine, and oval shaped carnelian and a barrel shaped garnet.

Each crystal on your “chakra necklace carved stones” corresponds with each of the seven main chakras. Amethyst corresponds with the crown chakra, lapis lazuli with the third eye chakra, turquoise with the throat chakra, green aventurine with the heart chakra, citrine with the solar plexus chakra, carnelian with the sacral chakra and garnet with the base or root chakra.

Each crystal in your “chakra necklace carved stones” varies in shape, size and colour, so each “chakra necklace carved stones” will be individual and unique to you.

The “chakra necklace carved stones” has for many years been my best selling chakra necklace and clients love to wear them day and night. I have now created another option with slightly different shaped carved stones, see the “chakra necklace carved stone : new design”, which is also proving very popular too.

Your “chakra necklace carved stones” is 18″/45cm long.

*The 16″ necklace has now sold out, but please see my new version on the necklace page*

A petrified (fossilised) wood bead is used to fasten your “chakra necklace carved stone”. Petrified wood also corresponds with the base (root) chakra.

NB: When you receive your “chakra necklace carved stones” gently twist the thread so that all the stones are pointing down as in the photo. I make each necklace so each stone points downwards, but sometimes they get twisted in delivery.

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  1. Kate Hatcher (verified owner)

    I love these necklaces (I have a chunky one and a finer one) they are lovely to wear, beautiful and lots of people admire them! I wouldn’t be without one!

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