Chakra Information Charts


Chakra information chart in A4 size, plastified with information on one side and a bright chakra image on the reverse.


Chakra information charts x 8. My own production. Plastified A4 sized with chakra information on one size and a clear, bright chakra image on the reverse for meditating with or for using in display. Information on each of the seven main chakras includes: the Vedic name, associated colour, element, body sense, symbol, glands, associated body parts and ailments, associated crystals and essential oils, zodiac sign and planet. For years i’ve wanted to produce a chakra info chart and i’m very proud of ‘Your Handy Guide to Chakras’.

NB: the photo shows the front and reverse of the A4 chart, one chart is supplied not two.

Wholesale/Trade pack of 8 chakra information charts.

Chakra Information Booklet Simply Chakras 10 Pack


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