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Chakra information booklet Simply Chakras


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Chakra information booklet, ‘Simply Chakras’, is my own design and production.

Its small size makes it a very handy guide. Being A5, it’s easy to carry with you while studying. Besides that, this versatile guide has 24 pages in full colour, printed onto 135g/m paper. You will find sections including an introduction, general chakra info and then more in depth information. Your “chakra information booklet” will therefore help you to learn about your seven main chakras. As a result, you will¬†then learn to recognise imbalance within the seven main chakras. So, I hope you find it helpful.

This guide is packed with info and handy tips, therefore it’s a great way to start exploring your chakras.

5.00 out of 5

reviews for Chakra Information Booklet

  1. Carol Hodgson (verified owner)

    Fantastic summary booklet of main Chakras and their points. Easy to read and laid out well to quickly find what you need.
    Very quick delivery and great service.

  2. Barbara (verified owner)

    Love this chakra summary booklet. Beautiful colours and lovely quality.

  3. Annika Peterson (verified owner)

    This chakra information booklet is written well and I like the way it is laid out. It is full of interesting and good information about the chakras and how to help heal and balance them.

  4. Catherine (verified owner)

    Excellent little book packed with very useful information.
    It is well presented, the quality of the paper is superb, it is easy to read. Actually, it offers more than I expected. Thank you

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