Chakra Earrings Crystal Jewellery


chakra earrings crystal jewellery. With a rich mix off unusual tumble stone beads and sterling silver ear studs

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Chakra earrings crystal jewellery. I make these chakra earrings with a rich mix of more unusual tumble stone crystals and semi-precious stones.  You will find charoite, lapis lazuli, tanzanite, emerald, citrine, orange garnet and red garnet. First of all I thread each crystal on to silver wire in order of the chakras. Therefore, each crystal corresponds with each of the seven main chakras. Finally I set the crystals on to silver ear studs. Each crystal is natural and will, for that reason, vary in shape, size and colour. As a result, your chakra earrings are unique to you.

These make a great gift!

The length of your “chakra earrings crystal jewellery” is approximately 4cm/1.5 inches.

Chakra Earrings Tumble Hooks



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