Chakra Earrings Bali Silver



Chakra earrings Bali silver are a new product.

The chakra crystals are amethyst, lapis lazuli, turquoise, malachite, citrine, carnelian and garnet.

Each small round bead measures approximately 4mm each. The beads are threaded onto a Bali silver wire, then set onto sterling silver ear hooks. The length of each pair of earrings is around 4.5cm / 1.5 inches.

Each end of the chakra crystals is ornate silver, typical of Bali. The bright crystal colours with the sparkle of the silver works really well.

Let me know if you would prefer ear studs and I’ll have look to see if I have some for you. Generally the ear studs are very slightly shorter that the ear hooks. The picture shows the ear hooks.

Chakra Necklace Bead Pendant