Chakra Ankle Chain Bracelet Crystals Silver


chakra ankle chain bracelet crystals silver made with sterling silver and the 7 chakra crystals and semi-precious stones

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Chakra ankle chain bracelet crystals silver.  Each of the seven crystals and semi-precious stones corresponds with each of the seven main chakras. First of all, I set each stone onto silver wire. Then I set each, in order, on to a sterling silver chain. Stones used are amethyst, lapis lazuli, turquoise, green aventurine, citrine, carnelian and garnet. While, I use the same types of stone for every necklace, no two stones are the same. As a result each necklace is unique to you.

Your “chakra ankle bracelet chain crystals silver” is available in one size of approximately 10 inches / 25cm.

Each chakra stone looks great set against the sparkly sterling silver.


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