My colour healing squares and chakra silk scarves have become a very important part of my work, clients love them.

Some clients are therapists and want to work with the silks in:

  • colour therapy
  • reiki
  • massage
  • crystal healing
  • chakra treatments
  • meditation
  • reflexology
  • hot stone therapy
  • sound therapy
  • and many other holistic and beauty treatments

Many simply love wearing the chakra colours and enjoy the luxurious feel of silk.

All the silk products on this site are my own designs. I hand paint some of the chakra silk scarves myself, giving each item a hand produced ‘feel’ and individuality. However, the colour therapy sets of squares are all now produced for me.

I can therefore offer them at a cheaper price than when I hand paint and dye each square at a time.

My clients find the colours are more vibrant and uniform, as the colours are printed onto the silk fabric, rather than painted on.

They are easier to wash, which is crucial for clients that are regularly using my silks in their holistic and beauty treatments. Also, the fabric quality of the manufactured product is consistent. This is why they are proving to be very popular.

Other than my retail clients, I also supply my silks to both the holistic world and the beauty industry. I think it’s great how holistic therapies are now firmly part of the beauty world of treatments and well being.  

As a fabric, silk is said to be the best conductor of energy. If you work with chakra energies, it is thought to give better results than man-made fibres.

I have been making chakra jewellery for many years now, since 1998! I carefully select the crystals used and care about all the treasures I make.

My work has been much copied, though after all these years, my business continues to develop and evolve. Clients return because they know I care about my work and about the finished product.  

I hope you enjoy browsing my shop.

I look forward to hearing from you should you require any further information.

Happy shopping,

Sophie x