An introduction to my work

I have been making chakra jewellery for many years now, well over 15 years. I carefully select the crystals used and care about all the treasures I make. My work has been much copied though here I am after all these years, my business continues to develop and evolve. My clients return because they know I care about my work, about the finished product.
The chakra silks have become a very important part of my work, my clients love them. I design different options as some clients are therapists and want to work with the silks in colour therapy, reiki, massage, crystal healing and chakra treatments etc. Many clients simply love wearing the chakra colours and enjoy the feel of silk. As a fabric, silk is said to be the best conductor of energy and if you work with chakra energies it is thought to give better results than other fabrics such as cotton, man made fibres etc.
I hand paint nearly all the silks myself, my clients tend to love the hand produced ‘feel’. However i now produce the silk ‘C’ in a printed option, also the chiffon silk set of squares. These I can offer at a slightly cheaper price and I’m very pleased with the colour trueness and fabric quality. The choice is yours.
Other than my retail clients I also supply my silks to both the holistic world and the beauty industry. I think its great how holistic therapies are now firmly part of the beauty world of treatments and well being.
I hope you enjoy browsing my shop and look forward to hearing from you should you require any further information.